Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Nargis Fakhri’s new man

Tired of being linked to Bollywood heartthrobs Nargis Fakhri recently gave the media a piece of her mind. In an interview with a tabloid, the model turned actress said that the fabricated stories about her love life with men had annoyed her so much so that she wanted to scream from rooftops and announce to the world that she wasn’t interested in men at all!
Upon hearing this remark a source pointed out that Nargis couldn’t fool anyone with that claim because she was already in a relationship with another man.
Rumour has it that the 32-year-old American has moved past her alleged ex Shahid Kapoor after she learnt that Shahid wasn’t interested in a committed relationship; she is now apparently going steady with model cum actor Shayan Munshi.
The couple has, according to the grapevine, been spotted at several hotspots in Mumbai. At an eatery in Bandra, much to the embarrassment of the other diners, Nargis and Shayan were seen cuddling together in quite an abandoned manner, to say the least.
Well, it’s no secret that Shayan recently split from wife Piya Rai Choudhary. We are wondering if gorgeous Nargis is nursing him to recovery.

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