Monday, 7 May 2012

Is Sonakshi too recent for Ranbir and Shahid

It looks like Sonakshi Sinha should learn the art of diplomacy. Riding high on films with Salman, Akshay and Ajay, she stated proudly that she was easier operating with older men than men her own age. however it appears that her statement has gone against her as younger heroes like Ranbir and Shahid don't seem to be keen to star together with her since they feel she appearance too recent for them!
Currently, she has solely 2 films with stars her age as well as ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2’ with Imran Khan and ‘Lootera’ with Ranveer Singh. therefore she’s singing a distinct tune and currently desires to figure with Ranbir! however an admirer of Ranbir says, “I suppose he feels that she’d look manner older than him on screen.” Apparently, he conjointly turned down a project offered to him with Sonakshi in mind.
Incidentally, Sonakshi opted out of ‘Vettai’ with Shahid as a result of he apparently said no to a Karan Johar film with her! Moreover he too had reservations that she would look older to him.
Sources say currently she regrets turning down the coveted ‘Vettai’. And in an exceedingly bid to form up, a Sonakshi spokesperson is putting out: “Sonakshi would like to work with Ranbir and Shahid. They’re nearer to her age.”
But the question is – do the actors suppose therefore too?

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