Thursday, 12 April 2012

What's giving Katrina the jitters?

The actress is undergoing some gruelling workout sessions to test her stamina for her character in her next film opposite Aamir Khan

Kat’s nervous. She has had a tough shooting schedule in London recently. But that’s nothing compared to what she has gotten herself into now. The actress who’s never done an action film before, has just started intensive and specialised fitness training for her role in her upcoming project opposite Aamir Khan.For the next 10 days, the actress is going to be training for four hours, every day at the Yash Raj Studios where a floor has been specially rigged up for the practice sessions.“The sessions are basically to determine what my stamina is like and how much I can take. Which is what is scaring me, ” she says with a laugh.
Hunger pangs                                                                          Katrina not new to fitness. But what she’s not used to are gruelling workout sessions that would leave her body thoroughly exhausted. “That kind of working out is just too draining.Particularly, when you are not used to that kind of extreme physical strain. Your body ends up feeling worn out. It starts craving… you know…rest and food. After those four hours of working out, I will be like dead for the rest of the day, ” she elaborates. Rumours are that Aamir will be playing a ballet dancer in the film. Is Katrina role similar? While she doesn’t want to divulge any detail, she is all praises for her co-star. “Just look at him. He’s maintained himself so well.

 It’s amazing. Even Hrithik, he’s always so fit. Women can’t work out so strenuously like that, you know. Our shoulders are not so strong. You ask a woman to do pull-ups and you’ll know, ” she says. 
Katrina believes it’s not a good thing to subject one’s body to such erratic fitness phases. “However, I thought that if I needed to do a role of this kind, it had to be now. I won’t be able to do justice to such roles after I get into my 30s, ” she adds.
 Slow but steady                                                                      Having gotten herself in the groove with some regular exercises for the last couple of days, Katrina’s been trying to build her stamina slowly. But body flexibility could be a slight issue, she suspects. “I don’t think my body is very flexible. What if they find I can’t do some of the things required for the scenes? This is a huge challenge; sometimes I don’t know why I sign up for such roles. Why can’t I just stick to the sarees, eat what I want and be happy?” she smiles ruefully. Too late, Kat. Time for your next workout! 

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