Monday, 16 April 2012

Trouble between Kainaz and her director

Sources allege that Kainaz Motiwala had many differences with her director on the sets of her new film 
Kainaz Motiwala is said to have got into a major row with her co-actor and director Vikrant Mahajan on the sets of her new film. The altercation happened over the actress’ alleged tardiness and her boyfriend secretly staying over in her hotel room. 
A well-placed source associated with the unit tells us that things started troubling Vikrant when they began running a little behind schedule. 

“Kainaz would come late for shoots and would be in a hurry to leave in the evening. That was affecting the pace of work,” says our informer, adding that they weren’t aware of her boyfriend’s presence until they saw the bills for the room she was staying in. Our source explains, “After three days, we were shocked to see bills for room service ordered on her behalf. If she was at the location, then someone in her room was responsible. After initial denials, the truth came out that her boyfriend Ashish Mehrotra was staying with her and he had ordered for room service while she was at the shoot.” Buzz is that Vikrant, who’s also producing the film, wasn’t too happy with the developments and questioned the actress about it. “That’s when the two had an argument, and Kainaz suggested moving to another hotel and reporting to the shoot on her own. But Vikrant reasoned with her that since she was working with him and he was responsible for her well-being, he wouldn’t allow her that. And her boyfriend Ashish had to go,” reveals our source. 

Vikrant, however, maintains that there were no issues with Kainaz. When told about her alleged tantrums, he said, “I can understand where you got your information from, but there’s no truth to any of this. 
Kainaz has done a very good job. There’s absolutely no question about commenting on anything that’s happened in the past. Everything is cordial and there’s no unpleasantness between us.” On her alleged showdown with him over the presence of her boyfriend, the filmmaker maintains, “I’m producing, directing and acting in this film. So there was a lot of pressure on me. I might have had some issues. I won’t comment on them. It’s all a part of the creative process. During shootings, sometimes issues do crop up. It’s all sorted out amicable and done over with.” Kainaz clarifies:“Vikrant has himself said that he had no problems with me. So what more do I say now? There was someone who had a problem with me and that person is spreading such false stories about me. It’s not fair to get personal for no reason at all.”

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